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Legal Terms & Conditions




Welcome to our web shop.By using it , you automatically agree with the below mentioned terms which you have to read carefully.

Every single software that is available for downloading from the provider is copyrighted from Psyctotherm. The usage of those materials from this provider are only for informative and non profit reasons or they are completely personal and they will not be copied or uploaded to another computer network. None of those can be changed or modified.Whatever other use is prohibited from the law.

Psyctotherm is not responsible and wont compensate for any material or morale damage from any failure to provide services.

User Responsibilities

Users agree that they won’t use this web shop for :

  • Send or upload with any method for any reason illegal or offensive material is prohibited by the law.
  • Abuse of others with any reason or method,
  • Collect and store personal information

You agree by using this web site is your own responsibility. We as Psyctotherm we ‘re using any means necessary to offer quality services but we cannot guarantee that there won’t be any mistakes or down times.Whatever link or text information that goes to another site or any other source of exposure is for making your navigation easier and informative. We are not responsible for the content of those sources (photos , text or advertisement with any means. All pictures used on this web site are indicative. 


Copyrighted Material

This web site includes materials , trademarks , service marks ,trade marks which belongs to Psyctotherm and is protected by the law.The whole web site content (text , video , photos and software ) is copyrighted material of Psyctotherm.Modifying ,changing , downloading and using any of those materials without permission is prohibited by the law. If litigations occur they will be held in the court of Piraeus.


Statement of Trust

The following statement of Trust is from Psyctotherm.

Every request that you send us is private , we won’t send this information to third parties but only to those affected by the law if it’s being asked or if we find the content offensive.

Those actions are needed because we have to protect :

  • Our rights and our property
  • Against the unauthorized use of our web site
  • Ourselves , our user properties


If for any reason you give us fake personal information or try to impersonate someone else while using this web site every single piece of information will be part of law investigation.  If litigations occur they will be held in the court of Piraeus.


Returns Policy

Factory policies apply , please see maker terms.

Comments & Notes

If something did not satisfy you , our services were not good , you want something to be changed within your order or you comment on something please send an email at technical@psyctotherm.gr & info@psyctotherm.gr or calls us at (+30) 210 4116480 .